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We are so glad you are here! As a Canadian, not only is our garden season short, but so is the information targeted toward us! Urban Gardening Canada was created as a place for Canadians to come for gardening information tailored to our cold, northern climate. The website was created when Bri (me!), the founder, noticed that all the information I needed for my garden always came from American websites. Tired of converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, and seeing tropical fruit I could never grow, I decided it was time to create a website specifically for Canadians.  Finally, a place where information is in Celsius, and the crops can actually survive (and thrive!) in our short Canadian summers!

The vision of Urban Gardening Canada (UGC) is to provide accessible gardening advice to all Canadians, regardless of location, housing type or budget. Food security and sustainability are two of the main pillars of UGC. We believe that gardening should be accessible to all. 

Here on our site you can expect to find information that will suit whatever your growing needs are. Whether you garden in pots on a condo balcony, are in a suburban backyard, or you have 4 square feet to grow in, or acres, we are here to provide you with all the help that you need.

During your visit on our website, we hope that you get inspired, learn something new, and grow better! 

Uppotting spring seedlings
Wild blueberry picking in NW Ontario

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