We’ve compiled our favourite products that we use in our own home and garden, to share with you! These are amazing Canadian companies that supply quality products that we have enjoyed and used. Please be aware that some of these links are affiliates. They do not cost you anything, but help give us a small commission to continue to bring you great content and recommendations. We only recommend products that we own and stand by them. 


CBD Gummies


These gummies are great to help with sleep or anxiety. They taste good and come in a couple different flavours. We love using them to get a good night’s sleep. 



High quality full complex CBD oil is more difficult to find than other CBD oils, which is why we love this so much. This oil has effectively helped us with pain and anxiety.

CBD Lotion


We love this lotion for the scent options, but also for anxiety. We have even used it to help ease our cough when ill. All around, great product.